Credentialing Services

As a member of Practice Health, you will receive the benefit of credentialing services for you and your practice. We will complete all the applications and necessary paperwork, on your behalf, with the selected insurance companies and government agencies of your choosing.

Practice Health will take care of the complete credentialing process including:

  1. Creation and maintenance of the CAQH online credentialing application;
  2. Completion of all mandatory, payer-specific credentialing paperwork;
  3. Notification to all contracted health plans of additions, changes or terminations of PH members;
  4. Credentialing status tracking and follow-up;
  5. Notification when credentialing is complete
  6. Assisting with notification and implementation of practice changes including address, tax ID, practice affiliation, etc.

This service allows you to spend more time with patients and less time doing paperwork. Physicians submit their credentialing documentation to Practice Health and we take care of the rest.